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Work with Nonviolent Peaceforce

Nonviolent Peaceforce (NP) is currently working in the Philippines and Sri Lanka. In both countries field teams are made up of international and local staff.

Training of expatriate workers :
NP has developed and continually refines its 21-day Mission Preparedness Training (MPT) [previously referred to as Core Training, this terminology was changed in December 2007]. The Mission Preparedness Training (MPT) focuses on preparing people to be deployed to particular projects immediately, or within a few months of the training. MPTs are scheduled as needed, and persons selected for MPTs go through a pre-screening process, and if successful, a lengthy telephone interview followed by reference checking, and a possible face to face meeting by one of our member organizations. Also at this stage a medical review and assessment is required before a final decision.

NP is planning in future (pending available resources) to set up a series of regional level shorter trainings (approx. 7 – 10 days in length) to teach some of the basic skills expected of civilian peacekeepers, and peace workers in general. This will be especially relevant for those with little or no international and conflict-related experience. Along with a regional-level assessment process, this will be a first step towards later acceptability into a Mission Preparedness Training. Those individuals who are already well-experienced can be considered for an MPT without needing to go through this regional level training, but may be required to go through a regional assessment process once it is established.

People interested in NP trainings can sign up the Peaceworkers registry or download and fill in a form on NP website under Capacity Building.

More information on Nonviolent Peaceforce website.

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